Shamele Jenkins


For I was made in the coolness of the shade on a warm seasonal day
He brought me forth as a servant of his crafted child
I was thought of, molded for and given breath to….
I am to walk tall by his side
I am to share the domain
My purpose is crystal clear
I am to be that breath of fresh air
I am to be that helper
I am to be that confidant
I am to be the other guiding force
My breath shall raise the children
Steering and guiding all towards him
So that he may guide them to Christ the Savior
I should not fall from grace again if I can help it
I should lift him up when he’s down
I should give him pickup clues and quips
Telling him how wonderful a man he is
Telling him how wonderful to be a great provider for me
A great provider for our kids
Telling him what sensible man is he
And God picked him just for me
To have and to hold
I am to guide the children both natural and otherwise
My kinship shall not sink
My oars are always anchored yet ready to roll
I enforce the rule to my fullest
Glorifying the word
I’ve got the Lord – I’ve got a Life!

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