Johnny Brooks


The multi-talented Johnny Brooks – instrumentalist, producer, singer, rapper, and writer – takes melodic rapping to another level, building music from the ground up for Hip-Hop purists and those filling the record shops, concert halls and lyricist lounges across the globe. With head-nodding hooks and a genuine ease on a track, his music captures the attention of the staunchest supporters of old school hip-hop mixed with contemporary sensibilities.

The St. Maarten-bred Johnny Brooks was born into a musical family and is no stranger to late nights in the studio, becoming acquainted with the boards as a youth, and honing his skills as a pianist, drummer and writer. Talent coursing through his veins, it was only a matter of time before he would share his gifts with the world.

Johnny Brooks is accustomed to being an outsider, as a Black boy in a white family, as a Caribbean boy adjusting to life in the states, as the rapper son of the reggae father. The street poet speaks to perseverance, persistence and maintaining a sense of identity at all costs. Honesty on the track is of the utmost importance as Johnny Brooks blazes a trail as Hip-Hop’s authentic voice in the cacophony of the counterfeit referencing his own life challenges and situations.

His latest EP, “Thoughts Never Die II” is a declaration of the versatility of Johnny Brooks. His introspective and relatable storytelling draw the listener in to provoke heavy conversation in a cipher or quiet contemplation on a late-night ride. After the positive reception for his previous project “Thoughts Never Die”, it’s clear that Johnny Brooks is putting the bricks in place for his road to success.