• Another music and arts event?

    No, no; AFRIKIN goes beyond music and art to highlight the ingenuity, economic, and social opportunity of one of the world’s fastest-growing regions. Talks and workshops will be presented by influencers in technology, education, international relations, and business, in an effort to connect you to industry leaders that represent the diaspora.


    We won’t just provide food for sustenance. We are creating an experience that will rival any food festival and wine tasting. We are curating the finest in African cuisines, topping off the experience with cooking demonstrations by celebrity chefs.


    Innovation is key, and this will be evident by the companies and products that will be present at our exhibitions and as vendors throughout AFRIKIN®. We are talking trailblazers, up-and-comers of the diaspora who have identified gaps in the market, developed solutions, have a presence in the marketplace and are ready to present their ideas to investors to take them to the next level.


    But still, a musical and artistic experience will be had; And If you are reading this from the ends of the earth, our lineup will be so stellar that all you’ll care about is to be at AFRIKIN®.

  • When will the next event be held?

    Soon come, grasshopper. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the know…

  • Where will the next event take place?

    Soon come, grasshopper. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the know…

  • When will the musical artists and presenters be revealed?

    Artists and presenters will be revealed in phases. You like surprises, don’t you?

  • When can I purchase event passes?

    Soon come, grasshopper. Sales for passes will begin before you know it. Subscribe to our newsletter to get in on advanced ticket sales.

  • Are you hiring volunteers?

    Yes, by filling out our volunteer form here. Better yet, subscribe to our newsletter and you’ll get the leg up on all things AFRIKIN. Thanks for asking!

  • How do I become a vendor?

    For vending, please contact us at vendors@afrikin.org and we’ll give you the lowdown on what we are looking for.

  • How do I become a presenter at one of the AFRIKIN® Talks or the exhibitions?

    Please note the following topics that will be covered in the Talks, and submit your bio, website, social media links, and a past filmed presentation to info@afrikin.org 

    To submit your product, art installation, or content-related proposal for an AFRIKIN exhibition, note the themes on the Exhibition page and if you think you fit the bill, contact us at info@afrikin.org.

    Deadline for submissions:

  • What are ways I can get my company involved with AFRIKIN® outside of speaking or presenting at an exhibition?

    We are glad you asked! We are still accepting sponsors for AFRIKIN, and in turn, our experienced and diligent marketing team will ensure that your company benefits from extensive and strategic exposure. If you are interested in growing your business and you care about the future of people of color and the diaspora, please send us a line at sponsor@afrikin.org.

  • Do I have to be African, or of African descent for my company to be considered for the exhibition, or to speak at one of the AFRIKIN® Talks?

    We are all AFRIKIN. So, you need to be here.

    On another note, we do ask that your presentation, product, or company links to or has a presence in the Diaspora or directly affects our people.

  • What is AFRIKIN?

    Africa + Kinship = AFRIKIN, our people, our brand, and is also the name of a series of events that we host to provide a taste of the caliber of experiences to be had during our annual events.

  • Who is behind AFRIKIN?

    Team AFRIKIN is a dedicated and accomplished group of fine arts, entertainment, international relations, marketing, media and production professionals who together pool their expertise to create cultural events unlike any other. As a leading provider of live entertainment in the U.S., our services range from event management and programming to booking first-rate performing artists and developing effective campaigns. Our team’s unparalleled skill in creating new experiences with a social impact, demonstrates how creative people use their efforts to solve problems.

  • Is AFRIKIN a nonprofit organization?

    No AFRIKIN is not a nonprofit organization, however, our fiscal agent is Fractured Atlas a 501(c)(3) public charity. Contributions for the purposes of AFRIKIN are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. For more information, visit www.FracturedAtlas.org.

    In addition we have partnered with Give Me Dignity, a Miami-based nonprofit organization that raises awareness about Childhood Sexual Abuse, an issue that is prevalent in the Black community. For more information, visit www.GiveMeDignity.org.

  • How can I get in touch?

    Visit our contact page for the digits.

  • Can I get event updates?

    Subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll send important updates along the way!

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