• ART

    AFRIKIN® Art

    Check out our upcoming exhibitionists for AFRIKIN® Art.

    AFRIKIN® Art highlights diverse collections of emerging artists, work whispering solemn thoughts, others wailing of social injustice.  Experience visceral reactions to unconventional pieces as you are moved to tears or fury, compassion and action the ultimate result.

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  • FOOD

    Culinary Art

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    Our curated cuisine and open bar includes sumptuous fare from world-class culinary artisans and enlivened spirits, flavors and notes transporting you to locations unseen yet somehow familiar.  The chocolate bar will flow like the silky smooth skin of our people, bathed in cocoa butter.

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    AFRIKIN® Talks

    Check out our upcoming and past speakers from AFRIKIN® Talks.

    AFRIKIN® Talks bring you into the world’s conversation, specifically the theme for 2018: Crafting the Narrative. Thought leaders, scholars, revolutionaries and our keynote speaker will spur the dialogue on society’s active role in trying to psychologically dismantle us, but focus on ways we can and will work to strategically empower ourselves. You will walk away from the Talks energized and armed with the knowledge to no longer acquiesce, but to make concrete change.

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    AFRIKIN® Music

    Check out our upcoming and past performers from AFRIKIN® Music.

    Collectively we are offbeat with our creativity and thinking, but we are a rhythmic people, our spirits grounded with the pulse of African drumming. You will be enraptured by electrifying performances, thrilled by the talents of top-notch artists from the continent and the Diaspora.

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    AFRIKIN® Fashion

    Check out our upcoming fashion designers from AFRIKIN® Fashion.

    Models of striking beauty will grace our runway with collections reflecting the style and attitude of the world’s streets, as you envision the fabric of the people tenderly caressing you.  Their kinky coils revitalize the “Black is Beautiful” era and represent the originality so often appropriated, and seldom appreciated.

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    AFRIKIN® Innovation

    Check out our upcoming and past speakers from AFRIKIN® Innovation.

    At AFRIKIN® 2018, you will be privy to the best kept secrets of our innovation and technological advances across the Diaspora, information unleashed to educate and empower everyone in attendance.

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