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Welcome to the AFRIKIN book club, a place where we share information to help advance the ingenuity and promise of people of color globally.

We are pleased to provide you with these hard to find gems, knowledge that has been suppressed for ages. You can download it to your devices or read online directly from the link. We would love to know your thoughts. Send us an email with your thoughts and subscribe to stay up to date on the newest additions and editions. Happy Reading… Knowledge is Power!!!

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01. Muammar Al-Gaddafi – The Green Book, this is a book that should be in every economics class globally.  Find out for yourself and appreciate the worldview of this misunderstood statesman-philosopher.

02. Victor Hugo Green – The Negro Motorist Green Book – The Negro Motorist Green Book (at times styled The Negro Motorist Green-Book or titled The Negro Travelers’ Green Book) was an annual guidebook for African-American roadtrippers, commonly referred to simply as the Green Book. It was originated and published by New York City mailman Victor Hugo Green from 1936 to 1966, during the era of Jim Crow laws, when open and often legally prescribed discrimination against non-whites was widespread.

03. Rudolph R. Windsor – From Babylon to Timbuktu – A History of Ancient Black Races including the Black Hebrews presents a thoroughly comprehensive history of the original Jews within the backdrop of ancient History. He traces their origins in Babylon within the loins of their forefather Abraham up to their birth and growth in the land of Canaan all the way up to their final dispersion from Palestine in 70 AD into the greater part of Africa, leading west.