BamiDele Dance of African Arts

#West African Dance

Established in 2016, BamiDele Dance of African Arts is comprised of dancers from many genres of African dance background. The company’s repertoire includes original choreography in traditional West African dances, Afro – fusion of modern, contemporary, Haitian folklore, Caribbean, Congolese Soukous and Storytelling. They are the only African dance company in South Florida recognized for their multi-cultural representation of the African arts making it more appealing to a wide range of audiences of various ages and culture.

BamiDele is a West African word meaning, “follow me home”. To return home can be both physically and mentally challenging. Above all, embodying the energy and graceful beauty of their ancestral homeland, the mission of BamiDele Dance of African Arts is to stay in close connection with traditional dance disciplines that teaches moral values and human experiences to reinforce the importance of community responsibility and individual liberation.

In their most recent work, BamiDele is introducing other initiatives to promote the African Arts specifically for the local communities that do not have access to an authentic cultural experience. The company members are not only professional dancers, they are dance instructors and offer a weekly community class in three counties, Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach. They specialize in arts educational programs and provide interactive shows for school assemblies and public libraries. While embracing a distinctive feature, BamiDele Dance of African Arts is an influential leader throughout the African diaspora.

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