Afrique Ngozi Dance and Drum

#West African Dance

Established November 2016 Afrique Ngozi (Afrique Ngozi translates to “Africa’s Blessings”) Dance and Drum takes pride in being the only weekly West African Dance and Drum Class in Palm Beach County. They have extended their classes to Broward and Dade counties. Their mission is to preserve the West African Arts and culture through traditional dance, drum, and song. They offer weekly West African Dance Classes every Friday Night at Downtown Dance Studio in the Arts District of the City of Lake Worth. Their slogan, “Where Cardio Meets Culture”, is the ideal balance between preserving the ancient movements of West Africa and a healthy lifestyle through dance. There is something for every student to take away; their classes are open to students without dance experience and to those that are advanced and technically trained.

Afrique Ngozi Dance and Drum Provides the Following Services:

• West African Dance and Drum Workshops
• West African Arts and Craft Workshops
• West African Dance and Drum Children Performances
• West African Dance and Drum Adult Performances
• West African Folkloric Storytelling

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