We’re pleased to extend you an opportunity to invest in AFRIKIN, a multifaceted event series that will be held nationally in 2017.

Our mission is to highlight the ingenuity, economic and social opportunity of the African diaspora. Thus, AFRIKIN will bring together a world-class consortium of influencers, companies, artists and chefs in an effort to advance the potential of one of the world’s fastest-growing regions -Africa.

AFRIKIN will set a new standard in event models that typically fuse live music and food. We added innovation, enterprise, and education to the mix, keeping in mind the following elements:

Companies featured at our events will be curated for quality and promise to ensure that our goal to highlight the ingenuity and economic potential of the African diaspora is met.

Thought leaders and influencers will take part in a series of AFRIKIN Talks and workshops in an effort to inform and connect individuals and companies interested in commercial, technological, and social opportunities in Africa and the diaspora an estimated 1.4 billion people.

A startup spotlight will take place during our exhibitions, where young entrepreneurs will have the chance to present their products to investors.

A foodie’s dream will be realized with African-inspired cuisines that will be available at AFRIKIN’s full-service pop-up restaurants.

You can download our sponsorship deck that details the vision and logistics of Afrikin, with findings that will clearly have a great impact on your company’s business strategy. We hope that you’ll be as excited as we are to bring AFRIKIN to its fullest potential.

We look forward to discussing our collaboration further.

Download our sponsorship deck by clicking here.