AFRIKIN® invites participation by trailblazers and forward thinking up-and-comers who have a presence in the marketplace, have identified gaps in the market and developed solutions that will grow market shares.  Our access to innovative artists, craftspersons, scholars and thinkers is based on relationships spanning the various stratum of society, and through knowledge of the streets.  

AFRIKIN® has been supported by grassroots communities.  The dynamic culture of the streets has shown us a living process and mechanism for the creation and gathering of content.  Our innovation lies in building bridges for the connecting of worlds, through the creation of pathways from a diverse group of entrepreneurs of all ages and backgrounds, to investors who need to reach an audience that they don’t understand.

Being able to perceive movements in the marketplace ahead of growth and peaks in trends, and then using that information to identify elements of art and culture that will be relevant, is what determines which content links to our platform.  Our unique perspective as ‘kin’ to folk, fringe, indigenous, mainstream, outsider and street culture enables us to connect audiences to what is lacking in the marketplace and connect advertisers, patrons and sponsors to new audiences.

Curated forums from our AFRIKIN® Talks innovation consortium view the universe through the eyes of the creative mind.  With invited entrepreneurs, founders and leaders in thought, we examine the known world of art and culture while reaching into unexplored territories including realms of science and technology.  Cosmology, quantum computing and mechanics, nanotechnology, augmented, mixed and virtual reality are just a few examples of open fields for discovery.   We are providing encouragement and a forum for people of color who are developing new approaches and technologies. These individuals, who have remained largely unrecognized in the industry of high technology, are now surfacing in the newly established spheres of Afrofuturism and Afrotech.