• ART

    AFRIKIN® Art is multicultural – from all continents and presented from a world view and intercultural aesthetic.  AFRIKIN® provides a platform for both emerging and established artists through curated exhibitions that include digital art, fine art, multimedia, photography and works on paper. In addition to creating a space for core participants, AFRIKIN® also creates an environment for budding collectors while presenting content that highlights trending art movements. AFRIKIN® Art exhibitions include works from Africa, the Americas, Asia, the “Black Aesthetic”, Indigenous works and Street Art.


    A Turning Point : Case History of Black Aesthetic Art

    Artists working within the realm of the Black Aesthetic have been traditionally under-represented in the art market. The mainstream market is now acknowledging the increasing value of these overlooked works of Black Aesthetic art. Institutions are also now rushing to include these works and ‘fill the gaps’ in their collections. This places collectors of this work in a unique position to showcase these important pieces of art.  


    The Black Art Gold Rush Has Begun

    For artists like Norman Lewis and Horace Pippins they did not live to see this historical reversal of several generations of African-American artists in overcoming institutional neglect. For Eldzier Cortor, who died on November 26, 2015, he did live to see his work in the new Whitney Museum. “It’s a little late now, I’d say,” he observed dryly during an interview. “But better late than never.” What will happen for the African American collectors who loyally supported the Black artists before it was a trend, maybe they will realize a profit from their investment. What will the well monied private collectors and the museums with the wish list find as they look for this undervalued work? They will find that these veins of gold are also in the hands of the Black collectors and art dealers and if they do not want to overspend they need to forge relationships with them. (RM Crews for Black Art in America™, 2016)

    Black Art Is Buried Treasure (Bloomberg Business Week, February, 2006)

    Why African American Art Is So Hot  (Forbes, Dec., 2008)

    Black Artists March Into The Museum (New York Times, November, 2015)


    Indigenous Art

    Art of native peoples and tribes from Africa, the Americas, Asia and Australia are part of indigenous art. This artwork is usually connected to ceremonies and rituals of the regional natives that are creating these works. The content is comprised of elements from traditional native culture in the case of Australian Aboriginal art, this culture has no written language, so important cultural narratives and thought are told through the use of symbols and drawings. Similarly with other indigenous and native cultures, art is reflective of life in the physical and spiritual world. Indigenous art is language and an incorporation of authentic native culture into visual representations.

    Why Indigenous Art Is Big Business Internationally (2017)

    Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas (Metropolitan Museum Of Art, through October, 2017)

    Graffiti and Street Art


    Graffiti is plural for the Italian word “graffito” and is known as writing and / or scratched etchings on buildings, trains, vehicles, walls and other surfaces. Graffiti is based on a sequence of words, letters or symbols.  Street Art is an image based outgrowth from graffiti and is visual art created in public locations.  Street Art is executed using varied mediums including, drawing, photographic imagery, spray paint graffiti, stencils, “poster art, sticker art, street installations and sculpture”.

    History of Graffiti (Part 1) by ERIC aka DEAL CIA and SPAR ONE TFP of At 149st.com

    Graffiti Kings:  New York City Mass Transit Art of the 1970’s By Jack Stewart

    Graffiti Art at the Museum of the City of New York (New York Times, Art & Design | Art Review)


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  • FOOD

    Culinary Art

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    AFRIKIN® culinary experience offers more than food for sustenance. We curate the finest in handcrafted world cuisines for the enjoyment of festival attendees and patrons. Sponsored wine and rum tasting experiences will also be featured.

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    Bringing together artists, curators, scholars, technologists and thinkers to address relevant topics of interest for every segment of the population is needed at this important time in human history. Exploring the next levels of art and identifying important aspects of our world’s art and culture; understanding our connections to science and technology; raising awareness of societal issues and examining history are features of conversations, discussions, keynotes and symposiums of AFRIKIN® Talks.

    AFRIKIN® Talks is designed to inform, empower, and share human and capital resources with event patrons who represent or are interested in the following topics: anthropology, arts, business, culture, education, gender equality, health, media, poverty in underserved populations, promotion of economic self sufficiency, science, technology, and more.


    Discovering the next levels of art and identifying important aspects of our world’s cultures; understanding our connections to science and technology; raising awareness of societal issues and examining history, are features of conversations, discussions, keynotes and symposiums of AFRIKIN® Talks.  Our next series kicks off with Culture Perfected: Synthetic or Syncretic? We are looking for you all to weigh in.

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    The AFRIKIN® Music experience features singers and players of instruments from various parts of the earth and provide a perspective on how different cultures occupying the same space and time, converge. The result of this combining of communities gives life to a new hybrid form of culture – embraced and shared for cultural convergence. This expansive approach allows for growth and forward movement of our music as a universal language, producer of joy, and instrument of peace – music sways the world.

    AFRIKIN®, friends, is the new world music order.

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    Click here to learn how we define the sound of AFRIKIN® on our Soundcloud


    AFRIKIN® presents fashion as an integrated part of a cultural lifestyle – art, folklore, futurism, history, imagery and the language of world culture as reflected through clothing and adornment. AFRIKIN® explores new frontiers of style, substance and quality through couture, street fashion and photography – all from a new platform for artists and designers whose works reflect trending global styles. The art of fashion comes from self-expression and is born from our everyday lives as we choose what to wear and how to wear it. AFRIKIN® focuses its programming on the point where fashion becomes personal style.



    AFRIKIN® Innovation Consortium views the universe through the eyes of the creative mind.  With invited entrepreneurs, founders and leaders in thought, we examine the known world, while reaching into unexplored territories including realms of science and technology.  Cosmology, quantum computing and mechanics, nanotechnology, augmented, mixed and virtual reality are just a few examples of open fields for discovery. We are providing encouragement and a forum for people of color who are developing new approaches and technologies. These individuals, who have remained largely unrecognized in the industry of high technology, are now surfacing in the newly established spheres of Afrofuturism.


    Being able to perceive movements in the marketplace ahead of growth and peaks in trends, and then using that information to identify elements that will be relevant, is what determines which content links to our platform.  Our unique perspective as ‘kin’ to folk, fringe, indigenous, mainstream, outsider and street culture enables us to connect audiences to what is lacking in the marketplace and connect advertisers, patrons and sponsors to new audiences.


    AFRIKIN® invites participation by trailblazers and forward thinking up-and-comers who have a presence in the marketplace, have identified gaps in the market and developed solutions that will grow market shares.  Our access to innovative artists, craftspersons, scholars and thinkers is based on relationships spanning the various stratum of society, and through knowledge of the streets.


    AFRIKIN® has been supported by grassroots communities.  The dynamic culture of the streets has shown us a living process and mechanism for the creation and gathering of content.  Our innovation lies in building bridges for the connecting of worlds, through the creation of pathways from a diverse group of entrepreneurs of all ages and backgrounds, to investors who need to reach an audience that they don’t yet understand.