• ART

    AFRIKIN® provides a platform for both emerging and established artists through curated exhibitions that will include digital art, fine art, multimedia, photography and works on paper. International artists’ works are curated and exhibited from a fresh and progressive perspective. In addition to cultivation of a core audience of experienced artists and patrons, we have now entered into the period of the emergence of Millennial artists and collectors who have a keen awareness of community, the need for intergenerational exchange and progress beyond antiquated traditions.

    Culinary Art

    AFRIKIN® culinary experiences offers more than food for sustenance.  We curate the finest in handcrafted world cuisines for the enjoyment of event attendees and patrons. Sponsored wine and rum tasting experiences will also be featured.


    Bringing together artists, curators, scholars, technologists and thinkers to address relevant topics of interest for every segment of the population is needed at this important time in human history. Exploring the next levels of art and identifying important aspects of our world’s art and culture; understanding our connections to science and technology; raising awareness of societal issues and examining history are features of conversations, discussions, keynotes and symposiums of AFRIKIN® Talks. AFRIKIN® Talks is designed to inform, empower, and share human and capital resources with event patrons who represent or are interested in the following topics: anthropology, arts, business, culture, education, gender equality, health, media, poverty in underserved populations, promotion of economic self sufficiency, science, technology, and more.

    If you are interested in presenting at an AFRIKIN® Talks event, please contact us at submissions@afrikin.org
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    AFRIKIN® invites trailblazers and forward thinking up-and-comers who have identified gaps in the market, developed solutions that will grow market shares, and who have a presence in the marketplace, to participate in our event presentations. Our innovation lies in bridge building for the connecting of worlds. The AFRIKIN® programming platform creates a pathway from a diverse group of entrepreneurs of all ages and backgrounds, to investors who need to reach an audience that they don’t understand. Being able to perceive movements in the marketplace ahead of growth and peaks in trends and then using that information to identify elements of art and culture that will be relevant, is what determines which content links to our platforms. Our unique perspective as ‘kin’ to folk, fringe, indigenous, mainstream, outsider and street culture, enable us to connect audiences to what is lacking in the marketplace.

    To submit your company, product, art collection, or content-related proposal for AFRIKIN® exhibition, contact us at submission@afrikin.org


    The AFRIKIN® Music experience features musicians from each corner of the earth and provide a perspective on how different cultures occupying the same space and time, converge. The result of this combining of communities gives life to a new hybrid form of culture – embraced and shared for cultural convergence. This expansive approach allows for growth and forward movement of our music as a universal language, producer of joy, and instrument of peace – music sways the world. AFRIKIN®, friends, is the new world music order.

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