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We have partnered with Project OKURASE, an NGO in Okurase, Ghana helping the people build their village with respect to their traditions by offering resources and expertise. Project OKURASE is positioning Okurase village as a teaching village, where people around the world can come to learn about solutions and share information globally.

Project OKURASE’s mission is carried out across 6 objectives that describe the vision of the village residents and leaders. Project OKURASE has a particular focus on women and orphans & vulnerable children across all 6 main objectives:

  1. Safe water and sanitation
  2. Health and nutrition
  3. Economic self-sufficiency
  4. Cultural exchange
  5. Education and technology
  6. Building the Nkabom Centre

For more information, visit

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Give Me Dignity


Part proceeds from AFRIKIN® will benefit Give Me Dignity, a nonprofit organization that raises awareness about Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA). For more information, visit


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