• Innercity Griot main flyer

    Innercity Griot ‘A Design of the Diaspora’

    June 19, 2017

    Innercity Griot ‘A Design of the Diaspora’: A summer celebration of the role that artists of the African diaspora have played in shaping London’s music culture. Inspired by the innovation and aspirational movement of British music over the past year,

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  • healingournation


    January 9, 2017

    AFRIKIN: Healing the Nation kicks off during Black History Month, and will be held on February 18th at Sixty10 in Miami. Our goal is to utilize the arts to open up the conversation about issues that affect the African diaspora such as economic development, social justice, and education.

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  • hope2

    Healing Our Nation Part 5

    January 12, 2017

    Our future is to preserve the knowledge we have acquired from our past now. It has guided and protected us.

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  • hope

    Healing Our Nation Part 4

    To build nations today we must exorcise race as the social construction it has perpetuated. Mankind is a diverse being. Every man has a history.

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  • prayer

    Healing Our Nation Part 3

    It is clear the Caribbean share a remembrance of African spirituality, ritual, consciousness, and those elements in the assemblage of what makes one Diaspora.

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  • imhotep

    Healing Our Nation Part 2

    Africans in the west who either bought their freedom or were not enslaved felt to return to build Africa from the knowledge of Ethiopianism and experience gained in the west.

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  • healing

    Healing Our Nation Part 1

    January 5, 2017

    The African Diaspora populations, especially in the US and the Caribbean seem to hold different identities with Africa and with blackness. We must create a new gaze from the person to the collective. Band, tribe, nation, planet. Healing Our Nation must begin with oneself. We all have histories.

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  • newconceptblog

    A Case For a New Concept

    September 18, 2016

    We develop a new sense of life when it comes to uplifting others, and we recognize that we have a great responsibility to contribute to our communities. As lovers of the arts and culture, we felt the need to do something different than the usual music and arts festival. This is where the concept for AFRIKIN came about.

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  • worthy-cause-blog


    September 11, 2016

    AFRIKIN is a festival and symposium that celebrates the ingenuity, economic, and social opportunities of the diaspora. If you have been following our social media channels, you have heard it all: It will be a festival that sets a new standard, it will be one for the books, and AFRIKIN is not just another music festival.

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