About Afrikin



AFRIKIN (pronounced ah-free-kin) is a platform that curates the arts and culture of our people, as we advance our ingenuity and promise across the African Diaspora.

The term AFRIKIN is the fusion of two words “Africa (the continent) and Kinship (a sharing of characteristics or origins)”. The concept was created as a foundation for our people to share in our collective and individual experiences around the world, a diverse population of over 2.3 billion people.

AFRIKIN is future focused. AFRIKIN presents current culture through art, fashion, talks, food, innovation and performance – ways to connect, communicate and experience the lives and perspectives of our brothers and sisters – our AFRIKIN – in the languages of the people.


AFRIKIN recognizes that, in our vastness, there is uniqueness to us all; highlighting the experiences of the collective as well as the individual in presenting ‘conscious‘ global content to end the pejoration is a key factor.

From online debates to staff generated content and intimate gatherings to national and international festivals, this fluid platform has found ways to cater to the niche while speaking to the masses of the AFRIKIN family around the world.


AFRIKIN redefines the Black aesthetic as a collaborative platform and facilitator of the musing, creative and free spirit of world culture. AFRIKIN is a form of escapism from the isms and schisms that contribute to the social injustice that our people have been dealing with. We use it as a deliberate tool to correct the misconceptions of our history. It crafts a new narrative to tell our full history, our achievements and current activism agenda. As agents of change, we must show that there is more to us than how we are looked upon and/or portrayed by mainstream media.

We are in no way focused on a misconstrued past that has been told for generations. Neither are we another movement that is discussing the need for repatriations or asking slave masters‘ permission. We are a group of people focused on measured results from this time and space forward. AFRIKIN is a minority-owned company working to achieve excellence against many odds.

Our day-to-day actions include the transformation of living Souls in our immediate communities and beyond. Youth counseling, job search and art workshops are a few of the ways we currently contribute. It is not rocket science, the ways we can help our AFRIKIN family. The answers are in the arts for: education, healthcare, jobs and much more. Artists have been influencing the masses for generations. It is up to us to apply these teachings collectively, to create a brighter future.


The AFRIKIN programming platform unites an intergenerational and multicultural audience of ‘Baby Boomers’ and ‘Millennials’ across the Diaspora who actively seek cultural innovation and creative perceptual experiences.

Our African origins bind us together in kinship, stemming from one root geographical source point. Scientists have long known that humans originated in Africa. Acknowledgement of this reality created AFRIKIN.

Check out our Youtube Transcultural playlist to gain some insight on what to expect at the AFRIKIN Transcultural experience.



The mission of AFRIKIN is to curate creative programming and positive media based on transcultural exchange that highlights our fight for racial, economic, and social equality. There is an institution that works daily against our evolution. It is up to us as a collective to see to our improvement, and for this we need no permission. We are future oriented.


AFRIKIN promotes connectivity, culture, oneness, racial and social justice as expressed through the arts. We believe that art speaks louder than words.


Together we work to raise awareness and provide solutions. We inform, empower and inspire people to take the next step to raise the profile of the Diaspora. After all our goal is not to reinvent the wheel, but to create the best wheel. The transformative effect of creative people on societal progress has been a motivating factor in our programming. We create solutions instead of illustrating the problems.



We have what one might call a very ambitious goal. But as  Rob Siltanen so eloquently said: “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do”.

AFRIKIN are global people, whether they be of African descent or identify with the continent. They are intergenerational and multicultural.

Our hope is that dictionaries and the world will one day acknowledge this title and description for our people globally without context. Recognizing that race is a social construct, AFRIKIN is addressing the issue at its core in racism and colorism.

afrikin-giphyCurrently there are too many terms for our brothers and sisters our  AFRIKIN — with each replacement seeking to be less loaded than its predecessor. Society has created so many psychological dismantlers that we refuse to mention here.

Names for the AFRIKIN family will continue to change as long as people have negative attitudes toward them. We will know that we have achieved mutual respect when the names stay put. This is how language works: It reflects the relationships between speakers and groups. Lauren Hall-Lew, a sociolinguist at the University of Edinburgh says: “If a word that refers to something always appears in sentences where that thing is framed negatively, then that term will take on that negativity.” Together we can strategically empower ourselves by identifying with Africa + Kinship = AFRIKIN 

Check out our Youtube Transcultural playlist to gain some insight on what the AFRIKIN Transcultural experience.



Statement of Purpose

How long are we going to allow other people to name us, to determine what we respond to?

There was a time we answered to “colored”, but now it’s an insult. How then did “people of color” become acceptable?

What is an African-American?

Our Hispanic brothers and sisters are often maligned for not aligning with the term “Black”.

Caribbean people in general have had difficulties being lumped in with “Black Americans”.

Our African brothers and sisters do not categorize themselves as Black, but instead they rep their tribe with pride.

Bi- and multiracial people are often ostracized for not being Black enough, but didn’t they say that one drop makes us Black? Do we agree?

Why aren’t we united in our concept of identity?

We are a people united by our origins in a geographical source point, Africa. The world’s majority come from a continent that is larger than the mainland US, most of Europe, China and India combined.

We are brothers and sisters of the African diaspora. We are kinfolk. We are AFRIKIN.


Finally, there is a term with which we can identify without the historically negative implications, a title that has not been marketed in the Western world as a synonym for lazy, predator, criminal, thug.

We do not accept the way we’ve been categorized, insulted, cheapened for centuries; we are looking forward together as a people.

We are no longer asking each other to confirm stories of what we did before slavery or whose fault it is that we were lost.

We are no longer letting the media brainwash us with demeaning images of our brothers and sisters abroad that portray them as savages when it is know who has created the most destruction and chaos on this earth.

Through art, we communicate with our contemporaries, our kinfolk across the globe today, and how they navigate this crazy and amazing world we live in.

We are learning about each other FROM each other, the differences and similarities we share as a people of modern day.

Together, we work together with this understanding to create change and improve the future for our children so that they have a better history to reflect upon.

Together, we are AFRIKIN.

Measurable Results


The current landscape and problem

We are at war. A cultural war. We have to teach our children how to navigate interactions with police. We can die for our country, but we can’t wear our hair naturally to do so. Our children are suspended at four times the rate of their white counterparts. Quick bites at a fast-casual restaurant escalate to very serious incidents of racial profiling. Our elected President himself declares war when he says we come from “shithole countries”.

We are at war.  A cultural and intelligence war. Govern yourself accordingly.


The solution

To fight a cultural war, we must be armed culturally. Where a recent infusion of Black pride has inspired fashion statements, we still suffer from a lack of transcultural connection that furthers our cause. The long-standing cultural divide between Africans, Americans, and Caribbeans has prevented optimal success of grassroots movements and community efforts. To create effective change, we must unite with truth and understanding. The truth is only conveyed by the expressions of the people through art.


How AFRIKIN offers the solution

AFRIKIN (pronounced ah-free-kin) is a platform that curates the arts and culture of our people, as we advance our ingenuity and promise across the African Diaspora. This  concept was created as a foundation for us to share in our collective and individual experiences around the world as a diverse population of over 2.3 billion people.

The term AFRIKIN is the fusion of two words “Africa (the continent) and Kinship (a sharing of characteristics or origins)”. AFRIKIN presents current culture through art, fashion, talks, food, innovation and performance — ways to connect, communicate and experience the lives and perspectives of our brothers and sisters – our AFRIKIN – in the languages of the people.

From online debates to staff generated content and intimate gatherings to national and international festivals, this collaborative, interactive and fluid platform is a deliberate tool to correct the misconceptions of our history, crafting a new narrative to tell our full history, our achievements and current activism agenda. As agents of change, we must show that there is more to us than how we are looked upon and/or portrayed by mainstream media.

We are not another movement discussing the need for repatriation or asking permission. We are more than just rhetoric. We are a group of people focused on measured results from this time and space forward.


How AFRIKIN connects to the source

Our day-to-day actions include the transformation of living souls in our immediate communities with youth counseling, job search and art workshops. On a larger scale, we have partnered with Project OKURASE, an NGO in Okurase, Ghana helping the people build their village with respect to their traditions by offering resources and expertise. Project OKURASE is positioning Okurase village as a teaching village, where people around the world can come to learn about solutions and share information globally. AFRIKIN aims to be the platform to showcase the truth of their conditions straight from them, no third party interference. We anticipate their receiving more funding for the specific plans they have for making the village competitive with other cities in Ghana as well as the world.


How AFRIKIN has been successful in doing so

AFRIKIN pivoted from Rockers Movement in 2016, a movement established in 1998 with a focus on highlighting conscious artistry to further positive activism, producing large scale events and festivals worldwide. Expanding beyond a Caribbean and Caribbean-American audience, Rockers Movement’s founder Alfonso D’Niscio Brooks recognized the shift in the demand for inclusion our people, thus birthing AFRIKIN.

The transition from Rockers Movement to AFRIKIN has proven Brooks correct, as AFRIKIN’s Instagram tribe has grown organically to 24,000 since launching June 2016. In this time, event attendance has doubled with each venue capacity, audience expectations surpassed at each event. Return sponsors have proven the value of the brand and movement.


What AFRIKIN plans to do moving forward/solving problems

AFRIKIN is the megaphone for our people worldwide, a way to broadly share the reality of their situations – good, bad, and ugly – without any journalistic agenda. The power of the people is in their voice, their perspective, their understanding. Like the village of Okurase, we know what is best for us and need allies who agree for there to be real advancement.

AFRIKIN touches the lives of our tribe through interactive events, attendees being immersed in the culture of our brothers and sisters in ways unfamiliar. With most of the world having cell phones and not computers, our online presence allows our people to experience culture anywhere with a portable portal into vast lands previously unvisited. Eyes do not open in the dark, and AFRIKIN is shining the light on our people to truly see who we are as a people, the individual and the collective, our brothers and sisters.

We are African. We are kin.


Founder's Note


fonz 2017Alfonso D’Niscio Brooks – I’ve been told to use my voice to articulate a trans-national framework and to engage with social transformations. I cross racial and ethnic divides, providing the world with a vision of what it could be; one in which we are all better off. I also recognize how we need to move beyond multiculturalism to transculturalism – the ability to see oneself in the other an extension through all human culture.

Since 1998, we have produced national and international events. Our market research over the past five years demonstrates the need to shift our focus from traditional mainstream multicultural events, to a cost effective yet first-rate social, cultural, and economic movement. I describe our work as a turn towards the human and in so doing reveals the constructive achievements and narratives of various grassroots organizations that contributed to the internal transformation of class and economy in the world.

My attitude towards intellectual work and social relations has always been one of consistency, courtesy, forthrightness, reliability and professionalism. I have proven myself as one willing to always go the extra mile to master the various approaches and responsibilities with which I am charged. It will be a pleasure to work with you on this endeavor, as we help AFRIKIN improve lives and make the world a better place.


Alfonso D’Niscio Brooks,
Founder, AFRIKIN



Team AFRIKIN is a dedicated and accomplished group of fine arts, entertainment, international relations, marketing, media and production professionals who together pool their expertise to create cultural events unlike any other. As a leading provider of live entertainment in the U.S., our services range from event management and programming to booking first-rate performing artists and developing effective campaigns. Our team’s unparalleled skill in creating new experiences with a social impact, demonstrates how creative people use their efforts to solve problems.


With an international reach as well as local and regional presences in California, Colorado, Florida and New York, Team AFRIKIN has become a staple resource for multicultural events in the United States due to our strong work ethic and commitment to excellence. Our talented executive staff maintains a constant touch on the pulse of today’s popular culture to craft programming that consumers need. We know that talent is everywhere, however opportunity is not so we create opportunities by bridging the gap between ‘conscious’ artistry and the corporate realm to respond to the existing multi-layered market. Team AFRIKIN continues to be dedicated to our legacy and vision of building bridges between worlds.


The Opportunity


Understanding the will of the people as expressed through their art and culture presents a unique opportunity. The arts has always been a peaceful way to foster understanding between opposing sides. Work produced from human skill and imagination brings people of diverse backgrounds together for the creation of new experiences that progressively educate, enrich and foster growth and development in society. Arts and culture transcend language and race.


We have access to an emerging generation of bold creatives, entrepreneurs, innovators and thinkers producing cottage industry wealth. These creatives desire tangible goods, aware of their ability to exercise their choice in the marketplace. AFRIKIN brings these contemporary influencers together to fill a much needed void in society.

Extraordinary talent in art, culture and entertainment is what the AFRIKIN platform curates. We have the unique ability to connect integral aspects of grassroots and street culture with blended audience groups and patrons. AFRIKIN informs its patrons and sponsors on change and development within society and what will be culturally relevant in the arts. This allows for strategic placement in the marketplace.


AFRIKIN is unique with the potential of becoming a household name by virtue of its connection to target niche markets of over 2.3 billion people. This audience is intergenerational and transcultural (cross cultural, involving, encompassing, or extending across two or more cultures). These individuals, families and groups are some of the most active communities of citizens outside of their countries, and yet there is a lack of a home that highlights and targets these growing demographics. AFRIKIN fills this need and gives those in need an opportunity to cumulatively analyze qualitative data on the interests and preferences of our participants.

The Answer


The key value of AFRIKIN is its superior original content – dynamic art, creative, culinary offerings, fashion and world-class entertainment. AFRIKIN brings together the who’s who from the Diaspora’s ecosystem under one roof to advance the future of our people.

We are fusing innovation with a traditional festival module. Not just innovation from a technology standpoint, but innovation in the arts, fashion, food and music.  AFRIKIN curates positive, thought provoking content that motivates and inspires. We cultivate this content to promote social justice and as a contrast to the negative societal elements that affect the AFRIKIN nation.


The AFRIKIN Talks “innovation consortium” presents discussions, interviews and lectures with artists, scholars and new influencers in the arts industry while focusing attention on the world’s collective challenges. AFRIKIN is the answer to the question of how to benefit from this opportunity and tap into these new markets.


AFRIKIN has advanced its vision to elevate and raise awareness of the profile of our people within the multi-layered marketplace.

Fortune 500 companies and other advertisers have allocated significant resources to harness the ever-growing buying power of the expanding base of cross-cultural consumers within the multi-billion dollar business of art and culture. The attention of these consumers and influencers is “the most valuable resource in the world” to these advertisers.

The AFRIKIN platform focuses its audience’s attention on arts programming, positive media and content that brings sponsoring advertisers into the public’s consciousness. AFRIKIN includes opportunities for sponsors to interact with these combined groups and receive audience feedback.

A New Standard


What sets AFRIKIN apart from other traditional and mainstream arts and culture gatherings is the emphasis placed on the essential components that humans need for their well being – positive, thought-provoking content that motivates, comforts and promotes peace in our ever changing world.


Our goal is to empower artists and participants for the growth and circulation of community wealth.  This is achieved through cultural exchange, educational discourse and concentrated content designed to enhance and inform its audience.   These elements help societies to thrive and produce.

The arts and culture industry is an economic driver in communities—a growth industry that supports jobs, generates government revenue, and is the cornerstone of tourism. Art that drives and inspires helps participants to expand their creativity in terms of output and problem solving.  Being motivated to be facilitators of peace within, at home and then outward, creates a rhythm for life – one world … one beat.



  • AFRIKIN Art • Culture • Community (Miami, FL): 2018
  • AFRIKIN Healing Our Nation (Miami, FL): 2017
  • AFRIKIN Launch (Miami, FL): 2016 – present
  • Art & Reason at the Museum of Contemporary Art (North Miami, FL): 2015
  • Nelson Mandela Day Denver (Denver, CO): 2014 – 2015
  • Budweiser One Love Nutrifest (Miami, FL): 2012
  • Miami Reggae Festival (Miami, FL): 2011 – 2014
  • Bayside Rocks Festival (Miami, FL): 2010
  • WBLS Reggae Music Fest (Long Island, NY): 2008 – 2009
  • Reggae Carifest (New York, NY): 1998 – 2007


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