About Afrikin



AFRIKIN® was born from the concept of Africa plus kinship as a foundation for people of color to show who they really are. People of all colors should be able to be true to themselves and each other without social constructs. AFRIKIN® is a collaborative platform for the presentation of world culture.

Our theme, We Influence The World Through Sound & Light, describes our means of generating positive energy to the world through our content and programming sound and light being essentials in event presentation.

Frequencies are transmitted through sound which can create vibrations that attract people positively.

Light provides illumination and visibility. The light of the mind can give hope and we use this light to advance the ingenuity and promise of people of color.



The AFRIKIN® experience promotes connectivity, culture, oneness, racial and social justice, as expressed through the arts. We believe that art speaks louder than words. AFRIKIN® develops creative programming around common denominators derived through transcultural exchange. The world’s African origins bind us together in kinship, stemming from one root geographical source point. Scientists have long known that humans originated in Africa. Acknowledgement of this reality called for the creation of AFRIKIN®.

AFRIKIN® provides opportunities for the enrichment of lives by providing an outlet for the diverse expressions coming out of our growing, intergenerational and multicultural, global audience.

Corporations exist by servicing the needs of the market and the market exists by the will of the people. Goodwill extended to the people grows the market. A growing transcultural audience awaits our goodwill.

Strategic Vision


What void are we filling ?

The AFRIKIN® programing platform bridges the gap between the expiring market and addresses the needs of the newly emerging market. The expiring market is a youth market created in the 1950s with the invention of the “teenager” as a consumer group. This newly created ‘teenager’ category erupted as a major force in 1969. Teenagers were strategically isolated from their surrounding adult groups through television and consumer programming. These varying consumer groups, at this point, began to be provided with their own individual programming, tailored to their specific demographic, rather than only being exposed to general family content. This youth demographic became highly visible in 1969 as they rebelled against the adult groups and set-up their own ‘mature culture’ reflecting that they we’re no longer teenagers. This was the culture of the pop revolution, punk, and youth driven, post 1969 art and culture. This youth-driven culture was abandoned in the late 1980s and early 90s as these ‘mature’ youth settled down, had children, and became part of the establishment. The youth demographic progressively became known as the “Baby Boomer” demographic – still youth oriented and also now a trillion dollar market. These “empty nest” individuals have returned to the forefront of art and culture as consumers, influencers and innovators. Baby Boomers are now interacting with Millennials (those reaching young adulthood around the turn of the 21st century and who were born between approximately 1980 and 2004). The interesting discovery is that there is now a “transcultural” blending of people left in the wake of the cultural revolution of the late 1960’s and into the 1970’s. These fragmented groups all share interests and circumstances where they come together to mix and merge.

How are we improving on something and why is this needed?

We are presenting the current culture recognized by our target demographics through AFRIKIN® Talks, exhibition and performance content that represents our audiences and which also provides room for our branding partners to receive a positive response to their corporate presence.

The AFRIKIN® programing platform can bring multiple demographics together in one model. This consolidated target demographic is comprised of Baby Boomers and Millennials who are an intergenerational and transcultural audience totaling over 2.3 billion people of color, coming from every country on earth and with many living in the United States.

This new model is needed because corporate entities have not studied and / or documented the cultural makeup of the new targeted market and are finding themselves making missteps due to their inability to harmonize their brands with the various types of culture (examples of this type of disconnect include, Kendall Jenner Pepsi commercial; Damien Hirst’s Treasures From The Wreck Of The Unbelievable exhibition; Hannah Black’s Open Casket painting).

What planning will increase the likelihood that our demographic will buy into our product once they become aware of it ?

Our intergenerational audience wants cultural programming and creative perceptual experiences to be a routine part of our world. The AFRIKIN® programming platform presents desirable content for families. It is attractive to a demographic comprised of influencers and innovators who are actively seeking out this content. Vigorously promoting the existence of our platform and presenting content within an accessible, flexible and scalable event model increases the likelihood of investment by our target audience and new patrons.

Development of the AFRIKIN® programming platform is being executed progressively through small to moderate event presentations in multiple markets (between 150 – 3000 attendees). These smaller event presentations are being designed for audience development in connection with the larger platform (AFRIKIN® Festival). Preliminary event programming includes culinary art, exhibition and performance content as well as AFRIKIN® Talks to offer a spectrum of cultural perception experiences. These moderate and smaller sized events allow for analysis of demographics, gauging interest in programming and development of production methodologies and best practices.

A Word From Our Founder


Alfonso D’Niscio Brooks – I’ve been told to use my voice to articulate a post-race framework and to engage with social transformations. I cross racial and ethnic divides, providing the world with a vision of what it could be; One in which we are all better off. I also recognize how we need to move beyond multiculturalism to transculturalism – the ability to see oneself in the other an extension through all human culture.

Since 1998, we produced national and international events. Our market research over the past five years demonstrates the need to shift our focus from traditional mainstream multicultural events, to a cost effective yet first-rate social, cultural, and economic movement. I describe our work as a turn towards the human and in so doing reveals the constructive achievements and narratives of various grassroots organizations that contributed to the internal transformation of class and economy in the world.

My attitude towards intellectual work and social relations has always been one of consistency, courtesy, forthrightness, reliability and professionalism. I proved myself as one willing to always go the extra mile to master the various approaches and responsibilities with which I am charged. It will be a pleasure to work with you on this endeavor, as we help AFRIKIN® improve the event standard as well as demonstrate how We Influence The World Through Sound & Light.


Alfonso D’Niscio Brooks,
Founder, AFRIKIN®

Team Afrikin


Team AFRIKIN® is a dedicated and accomplished group of fine arts, entertainment, international relations, marketing, media and production professionals who together pool their expertise to create cultural events unlike any other. As a leading provider of live entertainment in the U.S., our services range from event management and programming to booking first-rate performing artists and developing effective campaigns. Our team’s unparalleled skill in creating new experiences with a social impact, demonstrates how creative people use their efforts to solve problems.

Team AFRIKIN® has an international reach as well as regional and local presences in California, Colorado, Florida and New York. Hard work and a commitment to excellence have given Team AFRIKIN® the opportunity to remain a staple resource for multicultural events in the United States. Our talented executive staff maintains a constant touch on the pulse of today’s popular culture while continually examining entertainment barometers to craft programming that consumers need. We know that talent is everywhere, however opportunity is not.

Our vision includes creating opportunities through bridging the gap between conscious artistry and the corporate realm which allows us to respond to the existing multi-layered market. Team AFRIKIN® continues to be dedicated to building this legacy of building bridges between worlds. Meet Team Afrikin®


The Opportunity


Understanding the will of the people as expressed through their art and culture presents a unique opportunity. The arts has always been a peaceful way to foster understanding between opposing sides. Culture transcends language and race. We have access to an emerging generation of bold, creatives, entrepreneurs, innovators and thinkers who are producing cottage industry wealth. These creatives have come to terms with their desire to obtain goods, they are also aware of their ability to exercise their choice in the marketplace. AFRIKIN® brings these contemporary influencers to selected regions across the United States to participate in exhibitions, AFRIKIN® Talks and performances to expose them to broader audiences.

AFRIKIN® presents a unique series with the potential of becoming a household name by virtue of its connection to the target niche market of over 2.3 billion people of color – proof that these transcultural and intergenerational people, constitute significant numbers. These groups are some of the most active communities of citizens outside of their countries, and yet there is a lack of events that highlight and target this growing demographic.

The Answer


The key value of AFRIKIN® is its superior original content – dynamic art, creative, culinary offerings and world-class entertainment. This content was developed to present a contrast to the negative societal elements that affect our global community and to promote social justice. The AFRIKIN® Talks innovation consortium presents discussions, interviews and lectures with artists, scholars and new influencers in the arts industry while focusing attention on the world’s collective challenges.

Fortune 500 companies and other advertisers have allocated significant resources to harness the ever growing buying power of intercultural, persons of color worldwide – a new and expanding base of consumers and influencers. AFRIKIN® is the answer to the question of how to benefit from this opportunity and tap into these new markets. AFRIKIN® has advanced its vision further to elevate and raise awareness of the profile of persons of color within the multi-layered marketplace.

A New Standard


What sets AFRIKIN® apart from other traditional and mainstream arts and culture gatherings is the emphasis placed on the essential components that humans need for their well being – positive, thought provoking content that motivates, comforts and promotes peace in our ever changing world. Being motivated to be facilitators of peace, first at home and then outward, creates a rhythm for life –
one world … one beat.



?Team AFRIKIN® has been recognized as an important marketing resource in the arts and entertainment industry, our team having the ability to put products in a position to speak to the public in an appropriate and culturally relevant way. Team AFRIKIN® uses a well-planned promotional strategy to reach our targets from grassroots to mainstream via the following channels: paid television, radio and print advertising campaigns, public appearances by headliners on television and electronic media. ??A great deal of focus is placed on digital marketing in an effort to reach the targeted niche population of over 2.3 billion people of color, and new patrons coming from the growing number of people who rely on the internet and their smartphones to access information and services. We use these variations of media to deliver information that is tailored to specific demographics and opportunity target markets.

PRINT : 9%
TV ADS : 9%
RADIO : 15%

Internet & Social Media

Banner ads, HTML postings, and bulletins are created and posted on all major social media and networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pandora, Twitter, Spotify and Youtube. Mass e-mails are sent through individual networking pipelines on Google, Yahoo, and university e-mail servers and event boards.

Press Releases & Conferences

A comprehensive, all-inclusive press release is created and distributed via e-mail, through established media contacts, face-to-face interactions, and in mailings to selected media delegates on local and national levels. ?Team AFRIKIN® hosts pre-event press conferences and other promotional activities to showcase artists, announce sponsors, maintain momentum, and provide on-going exposure for the event.

Newspapers / Print Ads

?Team AFRIKIN® utilizes several print media ads to reach prospective attendees including, magazines and newspapers in major markets, billboards, street-boards and other promotional materials. Print ads comprised of images of featured artists, sponsor branding and event info is also placed in local publications.

Radio / Television

?Team AFRIKIN® produces radio ads featuring the music of participating artists and event details. Ads are aired on local and national radio stations, internet podcasts and radio shows. Television ads and on-air interviews are also used to promote the events.


  • Reggae Carifest (New York, NY): 1998 – 2007
  • WBLS Reggae Music Fest (Long Island, NY): 2008 – 2009
  • Bayside Rocks Festival (Miami, FL): 2010
  • Miami Reggae Festival (Miami, FL): 2011 – 2014
  • Budweiser One Love Nutrifest (Miami, FL): 2012
  • Nelson Mandela Day Denver (Denver, CO): 2014 – 2015
  • Art & Reason at the Museum of Contemporary Art (North Miami, FL): 2015
  • AFRIKIN Launch (Miami, FL): 2016 – present
  • AFRIKIN Healing Our Nation (Miami, FL): 2017
  • AFRIKIN Reggae Brunch (North Miami, FL): 2017


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